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The 1980s. Naked motorcycles. An attitude that made you feel different from everybody else. Introducing the Concept-X. Recalling the simple yet aggressive style of that era, this helmet came from the heart of Arai R&D. They loved the looks, but that was about it. Now, the Arai techs want old-school cool, to fit their style and motorcycle, but they want cool with modern Arai performance.

Concept-X’s brute simplicity is the product of imagination, but make no mistake, while the retro style may grab the attention it had to pass Arai’s stringent in-house testing. So underneath the aggressive look, you’ll find a strong, lightweight PB e-cLc shell, with a smooth and round shape, reinforced with Arai’s proprietary peripheral belt, to slide across surfaces and glance-off obstacles. The VAS-VC shield system, with its retro mechanical look, further enhances glancing off performance by lowering the visor pivot point to maximize a smooth upper shell.

Although a nod to the past, the Concept-X is very much a helmet of the present. Ready for a generation of modern riders that demand a new, old-style - but with the performance and comfort only an Arai can provide.


    PB e-cLc shell construction
    top vent holes
    air vent at the back of the head
    high-efficiency ventilation
    clean look
    VAS system (compact visor with variable axis system for better protection in the temple areas without compromising the field of vision)
    with the "Variable Axis System" (VAS)
    special "Facial Contour System" (FCS)
    fully removable antibacterial, dirt-repellent, and deodorizing lining
    peelable, 5 mm thick foam layer (offers more space if desired without having to buy an optional part)
    The helmet has far exceeded standard tests
    pro shade system optionally retrofittable

Arai Concept-X White

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