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The Shoei Neotec 3 is the high-end new Modular helmet for Touring & ADV riders from the Japanese quality brand Shoei. It is the successor to the immensely popular Neotec 2. The new Neotec 3 is tested according the new ECE22.06 standard. It has been completely renewed and improved in terms of the outer shell, aerodynamics, a renewed Pinlock visor, improved ventilation, an improved inner lining and better sound insulation. This makes it especially a Touring helmet that lends itself well to longer distances.

Shell Shoei Neotec 3

The Shoei Neotec 3 Touring Helmet introduces the new 6 layer Advanced Integrated Matrix Shell construction, this is an innovation compared to its predecessor that still used the 5 layer AIM. This new shell consists of no less than 6 different layers of organic high-performance fibers. These 6 layers were required to obtain the strict ECE22.06 certification. AIM+ consists of a mixture of organic and synthetic fibers such as fiberglass. This not only makes the helmet very strong, but also keeps it particularly light.

The same material is also used in other Shoei top models such as the: Shoei NXR 2 and the Shoei X-SPR Pro. The Neotec 3 comes in 6 sizes and 4 outer shell sizes. The number of 4 outer shell sizes is excellent because this ensures that the helmet always fits compactly around the head.

Not only is this more comfortable, it also looks better. The Neotec 3 comes in 2 EPS inner shells, each with a multi-density structure. This multi-density means that the helmet is prepared for different kinds of impacts and that it provides an exceptionally good impact absorption which makes the helmet amongst the safest Modular Helmets available today. Shoei has also installed ventilation channels between these two EPS shells to optimize ventilation.

The Shoei Neotec III is one of the most comfortable helmets in the market. It comes equipped with a 3D Max Dry lining. The new Neotec has renewed cheek pads. The new check pads are easier to remove and put on and also offer more comfort when putting on and taking off the helmet.

The liner features noise isolators, which do what the name suggests. They support the brilliant Noise Isolation of this helmet, making it one of the quietest helmets you can buy today.

Another small detail of unique craftsmanship are the extra soft material in the inner lining behind the ears. They made this extra soft because this area is extra sensitive and they want the rider to experience absolute comfort.

Shoei Neotec III Visor

The Shoei Neotec 3 has both a renewed visor and a visor mechanism. Shoei almost always comes out very strongly in our Data Road Tests when we talk about the visor.

The spring mechanism on the Neotec 3 pulls the visor closely against the shell. This will keep out wind and noise better. Shoei has further developed this and we see with the Neotec 3 features a renewed and advanced visor and visor mechanism of absolute top quality.

Another improvement is that the new Shoei CNS-3 visor is anti-scratch treated and offers a very wide field of View.

The new Shoei CNS-3 visor is also equipped with a renewed visor closing mechanism. This reduces the risk of accidentally opening the visor. You can also slightly adjust the visor with a lever on the side.

The Neotec 3 comes standard with a MaxVision Pinlock lens in the box. This prevents the visor from condensing and always guarantees a clear view out on the road. Another improvement is that Shoei has placed the pins for the Pinlock further back. This has made the field of view larger and the area covered by the Pinlock lens also increased.


 Neotec 3 Will use the new SENA SRL-3 Intercom System
Characteristics Shoei Neotec 3

Helmet type: Modular helmet

Outer visor: standard Pinlock anti-fog lens supplied in the box

Communication: Integrated preparation for communication system SRL-3

Closure: Double D closure

Insulation: Sound insulating and compacted lining

Inner lining: antibacterial, removable & washable

Helmet shell: comes in 4 sizes

Ventilation: completely renewed ventilation around the chin, top and back

















*Limited helmets available in sizes 2XS and 3XL

Sizing information is provided by the Manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit. PLEASE USE THIS CHART AS A GUIDE ONLY.

We all have a different head shape, so we cannot comment on individual size queries. It is recommended to try the helmet model prior to purchase.

Shoei Neotec 3 White Helmet

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