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The X-Com has been developed with leading Bluetooth Company Sena (SMH10R), specifically to fit the X.T1, X.WED2 & SX.100 helmets. Together with the X-Com intercom, this provides you with an adventure or touring helmet complete with v3.0 Bluetooth intercom, for easy communication with your pillion, riding mates, or for use with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone and GPS.

This is the new, upgraded version of the X-Com intercom, with the additional antenna which slots neatly into the cavity between the shell and EPS layer on the X.T1, X.WED2 & SX.100 helmets.


The X-Com allows for four-way conferencing through the intercom system, or three way conferencing with an intercom participant plus a phone call participant. It's ultra slim and light weight, plus it fits into the cavity pocket in the side of the  X.T1, X.WED2 or SX.100 helmets, making it easy to reach and doesn't interfere with the aerodynamics of the helmet.

In normal conditions, the intercom will operate up to 900 metres.


X-Com Specifications:

·       Utilises Bluetooth 3.0 technology

·       Intercom range of up to 900 meters

·       Use hands-free with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones

·       Bluetooth stereo headset for Bluetooth audio devices such as MP3 players

·       Pair with Bluetooth GPS navigation devices

·       Four-way conference intercom

·       Three-way conference phone call with intercom participant

·       Speed dialling

·       Integrated audio booster

·       Water resistant for use in inclement weather

·       Crystal clear and natural sound quality

·       Can be used while charging on the road

·       Multipoint Bluetooth pairing with GPS navigation

·       SR10 Two-way Radio Adapter

·       Multipoint Bluetooth pairing for 2 mobile phones

·       Light weight and ultra slim profile

·       Firmware upgradeable

·       Two year warranty

·       Supporting profiles: Headset Profile, Hands-Free Profile (HFP),



Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP),

Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)


X.COM Intercom - XWED2 & SX100 - ETA: TBC

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