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  • Cardo Packtalk Edge (JBL) Single Intercom

Cardo introduces the Pactalk Edge, a new iteration of the company's fully specced communication system; the Packtalk Bold. Like its predecessor it features all the bells and whistles; Mesh Communication, Natural Voice Operation and Sound by JBL, yet the Edge simply does it even better!

DMC Gen2 gives the Edge even clearer wideband intercom sound and it significantly simplifies actually getting everyone in a group conference. To make full use of this clear connection Cardo and JBL re-designed the sound system, improving the music processor and three redesigned audio profiles all packed in 40mm JBL speakers. And lastly they improved their natural voice operation with an improved noise-filtering microphone, so you won't have any issues engaging with your favorite smart assistant whether it's Google or Siri.

But the air mount system is what the Edge truly gives the edge over any other intercom system.
The unit magnetically locks in securely, yet is easily removed. Just place the unit above the mount, and it engages with a snap. It is an example of the steps Cardo took to make the user experience that much more user friendly… 

Just like any other consumer electronics nowadays the Edge has a sleek design, features a USB-C port, has wireless software updates and is capable of fast charging. And like all the other Cardo products this Edge is fully waterproof, so no need to worry whatever the weather brings.  Are you ready for an upgrade but your usual riding pack isn't? Don't worry, the DMC2 is fully backwards compatible and with its bluetooth 5.2 chip you can connect the Edge to any other bluetooth device without issue. 



  • DMC intercom - 2nd gen !
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Universal connectivity
  • Group size -  up to 15 riders with DMC
  • Rider to Rider Range: up to 1.6km / 1mi
  • Sound by JBL - 40mm JBL speakers
  • Natural Voice operation
  • Automatic Volume Control
  • FM Radio: 6 preset station memory
  • Charging Time: up to 2 hours
  • Fast charging: 2 hours talk time after 20 min charge
  • Waterproof
  • Software Updates:  Over-the -air & wired  updates


Cardo Packtalk Edge (JBL) Single Intercom

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