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  • Shark Spartan RS Carbon Skin Blank Gloss Helmet

The SPARTAN RS is a the first SHARK helmet which successfully passes the new ECE 2206 standard marking the start of a new generation. The SPARTAN RS fullface helmet has been designed and engineered to limit aerodynamic drag, and minimise buffeting at medium to high speeds.


EXCEPTIONAL SAFETY PERFORMANCE By successfully passing the new E2206 standard, the SPARTAN RS is the first motorcycle fullface SHARK helmet from this new generation.
The combination of multiaxial composite shell and multi density EPS ensures the highest level of protection and exceeds this new standard. The ultra resistant screen offers an additional level of security to the helmet, thanks to its locking system with four anchor points, directly inspired by the Race R Pro GP.

EXCEPTIONAL OPTICAL QUALITY The SPARTAN RS is equipped with the high performance VZ 300 display, which has already proved its worth on the Spartan GT. Designed in optical class 1 with variable thicknesses, it thus avoids visual distortions regardless of the viewing angle. The helmet incorporates Pinlock 120 Max Vision® film, the most effective anti-fog system on the market. The internal sun visor, which is UV380 treated, offers optimised ergonomics with a notching system allowing precise positioning.

AN AERODYNAMIC PROFILE  The profile of the SPARTAN RS has been designed and engineered to limit aerodynamic drag, to minimise buffeting and to reduce extraneous noise at medium and high speeds.

STATIC OR DYNAMIC POSITIONS  SAME COMFORT The internal padding combines suede and ALVEOTECH SANITIZED labelled tetiles. Featuring anti-bacteria, anti sweat, and anti odor properties. The side pads ensure optimal comfort and participate to the noise isolation.

PERFECTLY OPTIMIZED VENTILATIONS The ventilation systemproposes a unique cooling performance. The chin vent diffusers guide the air on the internal part of the visor, while the top vent forces the fresh air to penetrate the structure in the internal channels for reducing temperature on the skull area. The hot air outake is at the back spoiler area, completed by its venturi racks. Ventilation is completed by the short opening position at the visor level.

A UNIQUE AND ENGAGED STYLE. Design is inspired by muscle cars & bikes but also by the prêt-à-porter thanks to its internal padding in perforated artificial leather. His authentic and unique look offer a strong style to the riders.


Carbon RSC multiaxial fiber - RS shell - 2 Shell sizes

Double-D ring strap

Optical Class 1, scratch-resistant coating visor

Pinlock 120 Max Vision® included in the box

Removable chin cover

Ventilation 3 air intake with 4 air outlet

Sharktooth® Prime Compatible


Shark Spartan RS Carbon Skin Blank Gloss Helmet

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