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Grip-Lock is the smarter way of protecting a
motorcycle from theft. It is mounted to the right
grip handle and locks both the throttle grip and
the brake lever.
Applying and removing the Grip-Lock takes less
than 10 sec onds: a solution so quick , people will
use it every time.
Grip-Lock is built around a core of 4
hardened steel rods. These steel rods run all
the way from the locking cylinder to the hinge
to ensure seamless security and the highest
level of resistance to common tools used to
break locks: saws, screwdrivers, hammers, boltcutters,
The material used for the body of Grip-Lock is
UltramidTM, a glass fiber r einforced polyamide
manufactured by BASF. We chose this material,
because it provides:
• Maximum mechanical strength
• Maximum rigidity
• Maximum durability




Hardened Steel Rods
for Maximum Protection
Long-Life Lock
with Compact Key
Quick to Apply
right at the Handlebar
Light and Compact
fits in bike storage box
Visible Deterrent
keep opportunists away




Griplock - Yellow

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