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  • HJC Smart 50B Bluetooth Communication System

The SMART HJC 2nd generation premium Bluetooth communication system model implements an all-in-one design, that is fully integrated into the helmet, allowing you to feel the optimal weight balance and aerodynamic performance while riding.

Based on the BT 5.0 low-power system, the 50B (based on SENA 50S/50R) features both the MESH intercom and 4-way Bluetooth intercom features. The enhanced sound system properties include audio multi-tasking, sound equalizing, advanced noise cancellation, and more. The Smart HJC 2nd generation also comes equipped with HD speakers to enrich mid-to low-pitched sounds.



  • Powering On/Off, Call answering, Hang-up, Volume +/-, Radio Connect (FM), Intercom Pairing, Voice Command


  • Long-lasting Power (Up to 13 Hours), Battery Unit and PCB


  • Boom-Type: Applicable for Modular and JET helmets
  • Wire Type: Applicable for Full-Face Helmets


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Mesh intercom (open/group)
  • Audio multitasking and HD speakers
  • Digital assistant access
  • 9-way intercom
  • Intercom 1,600m
  • FM radio
  • Advanced noise control
  • Customized for HJC helmets
  • Music sharing


HJC Smart 50B Bluetooth Communication System

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  • Price: $499.90

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